Come visit Swish Swimming School and get information about having your children learn to swim because everyone wants their children to learn to swim. Not only is it fun, but it is a good idea for safety reasons. With it being warm, sunny, and a great warm temperature outside, what could be more fun than swimming in the beautiful warm water? Come visit and see how much fun the children have. We are located on Dempsey Loewen Road as part of the Dempsey cluster, here in Dempsey Hill, Singapore. We have a great swimming instructor, Kristin Romain, that loves working with children and is fantastic at teaching them to swim. The kids will have so much fun learning to swim; they won’t even know that they are having Swimming Lessons in Singapore. Your kids will have a great time splashing, playing, having fun and swimming with all the other kids and learning things they didn’t know they could do like floating, swimming away from the side of the pool, swimming by themselves with help and not worrying about going under. They will be meeting other kids, and having a great time. Bring all your kids, bring their brothers and sisters, friends and family and make it a family affair.

Swish Swimming School offers outdoor and indoor swimming facilities for swimming year round, just opened in June; it is the premier facility for teaching your children to swim. The indoor pool area will protect the children on days when the weather is not appropriate for swimming; the temperature is controlled for a relaxing, warm and healthy swim. The water is salt water so it is easy on the skin and so the children aren’t exposed to harsh chemicals that are unhealthy. This way we provide a healthy, safe, and chemical free environment in our pools. All of our instructors are AustSwim qualified and teach children of all ages and at all levels of learning, including children with special needs. We provide ramp access for easy entrance to our facilities and we also offer classes for the elderly.

Swish Swimming School is the only provider of the Mahina Mermaid MerFin, which is a fully functioning mermaid single fin that is made of recyclable rubber that is eco- friendly to the environment. The children are able to swim with it because it is movable and flexible for swimming and they are able to move quickly and move well within the water as if they were a mermaid in the water. The kids love it because it is great fun and entertainment and is good exercise for their body. It is very similar to snorkeling in the ocean, and is easy to use; you just snap one strap to get in or out of the fin. It comes in children-small, medium, and extra small as well as adult-small, medium, and large and you have a choice of three colors-aqua and coral for the children and aqua and orange for the adults. Each color comes with gold sparkles that sparkle in the light for added fun.

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